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Wellness & Counseling



Student Wellbeing at Helena College

The HC campus community provides outreach and educational services focusing on mental health, suicide initiatives and violence prevention.  Services include classroom presentations, enrichment group activities, and mental health screenings.  Our campus along with other college campuses across the state, through the Montana University System are implementing new resources as identified in this Handbook, that will help us continue to educate our campus and provide innovate instruments focusing on our student’s wellbeing.

View Protocol Handbook Here

Mental Health Resources

Kognito Online Interactive Training

In partnership with the Montana University System (MUS), Helena College is developing access to Kognito for mental health, an online evidence-based virtual simulation training module for both faculty/staff and students that teaches how to recognize and respond to someone who may be experiencing distress or suicidal thinking.  It is an interactive web-based module that can be accessed from any device.  Watch for our marketing events here at HC introducing the product and how to use it.

Cellphone App

In partnership with MUS, Helena College offers You at College a personalized digital tool created by behavioral health experts to foster campus wide well-being to help students, faculty and staff thrive.  HC is currently working on implementation – watch for the introduction of this very effective and helpful app.

Referral System

In partnership with MUS, Helena College will be using Thriving Campus, an online directory that allows students to access a list of off-campus, licensed mental health clinicians, many of whom specialize working with students.  The website includes various guides and resources that assist students through the process of securing off-campus outpatient care.  The finalization of this referral system is still in the development stages, but you can review the site at the following link:

Online Student Reporting








During Business/Office Hours:  If an emergency arises and you need to speak with a counselor or if you are concerned about someone and would like to consult with a counselor, please call the Health & Wellness Center at (406) 447-6962.

 After Hours :  If you require emergency services after office hours or during the weekends and holidays, please call 9-1-1, or go to the nearest hospital emergency room for assistance.

St. Peter’s Hospital Emergency Room
2475 Broadway Ave.

St. Peter’s Urgent Care - North
3330 Ptarmigan Lane

St. Peter’s Urgent Care
2475 Broadway Ave.

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