Career Pathways

Career Pathways help guide students toward their chosen academic and career goals by providing seamless transitions from high school to college and into the workforce. 

Montana Career Pathways provide labor market information, statewide information about high school programs and dual enrollment opportunities, and links to all of the relevant college programs in manufacturing, health careers, finance, business, welding, and more! Go to MUS to explore these Montana Career Pathways.

Over the past five years, faculty from area high schools and Helena College have worked together to develop Programs of Study that list academic and career/technical courses from high school through college, with dual enrollment, work experiences, and leadership opportunities. These Programs of Study, organized by Career Cluster Pathways, can be downloaded from the sidebar.

Dual Enrollment is highlighted in these pathways. For example, students who follow the Business pathway can earn as many as 27 credits toward an Associate of Applied Science degree in Business Technology, reducing their tuition costs and time to degree.  Use a General Studies Worksheet to plan the way your dual enrollment credits apply to a four-year degree or a Career Pathways Planning Worksheet to plan the use of dual enrollment credits in a two-year degree.


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